Reasons to Have a Coffee Vending Machine in Your Office


For many people, a cup of coffee is a great way to start another day at work. Most offices already have a coffee vending machine, but if you haven’t even thought of getting one for yours, maybe you can start considering why you should..

Plain and Simple Convenience

Workers crave coffee in the morning, and it should come fast. With a vending machine, there’s no need for grinding beans, preparing the machine, brewing and washing the machine. It’s ready in seconds! Seconds always count, especially when you talk of business.

Consistently Good Taste

If you make coffee using a traditional machine from distributori automatici venezia, you need some knowledge about the beans, the machine, the right brewing time, etc. And then sometimes it turns out perfect, and sometimes, it’s just disaster. Did you add too much coffee or maybe too much water? No one has all day figuring that out. With a vending machine, you get the exact same taste every single cup.

Increased Productivity

Science has proven that coffee boosts productivity. And workers enjoy that. But it’s not even just about feeling energetic. Learn more about vending machines at

Everyday, employees leave their desks for at least 7 – 10 minutes to get a cup of coffee. With a vending machine on site, it will take them much less time to get back to work. Just imagine the time spent to boil water, make the coffee, drink it and then wash up.

Considering that an average person consumes around 3 cups of hot drinks a day, this can build up to a substantial amount of time lost for your company. A vending machine will dispense coffee in less than 20 seconds!

Return on Investment

This is an often overlooked point, but one that must not be ignored by business owners or managers. Imagine the time you’ll save with a worker who no longer has to walk to Starbucks all the way across the street. Or the cost of those coffee deliveries day after day.

Take note that lost time translates to lost revenue, but this doesn’t even stop with direct losses. Having a coffee vending machine in your office is an investment, not a cost. You’re investing in your most valuable assets – your workers.

Client Treats

Statistics tell us that half of Americans have a coffee every single day. That means not just your employees but your clients too should get their coffee. Imagine dull, tasteless coffee served at those business meetings. That sure won’t reflect well on you, don’t you think? Your company’s image can always benefit from a simple but pleasant cup of coffee from distributori automatici padova.


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